Metal Grinding


The Mechanical Contractors Association of Houston believes in industry education and produces programs to promote productivity, communications and safety.

Industry Education

If you are a member of the MCA, your membership will allow you access to the many resources of the Mechanical Contractors Association of American (MCAA): The education association. Throughout the year, we sponsor, locally, MCAA’s exceptional training seminars, which are custom developed for the mechanical construction and service industry, which include:

Among the many industry specific educational resources that are available to our member contracting firms are:

This is just a sample of the various resources, information and publications available to MCA of Houston members. Our collection of materials gives mechanical contractors the most complete and extensive library of information possible!


The Mechanical Contracting Industry Fund is administered by the MCA and produces annual continuing education for Plumbing License and Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractor License renewal.

The MCIF of Houston produces annual foreman training programs that meet the requirements of Houston area employers for annual continuing education.

For more information on MCA or to learn more about becoming a member contact us today.